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    FG2-110 High Precision Double Crank Punching Press

    High Precision Double Crank Punching Press

    1. Detailed information

    Model No.FG2-110N
    Capacity【Kn】110 Ton
    Rated tonnage point【Kn Stroke】mm5 3
    Stroke: 【Slide Stroke】mm180 110 
    Stroke per minute  【S.P.M】Times/min35-65 50-100
    Die height【Max Die install height】 mm400 435
    Bolster Area: 【Bolster size】mm1800*650*130  
    Slide Area:mm【Working table size】mm1400*500*70 
    Side Adjustment: 【Die height Adjustment】mm100 
    Bed opening:【Blanking hole】mm 700*450 
    Motor:【Main Motor】Kw V.S.11*4 
    Presses precision 【Precision Standard】CNS(JIS)1Class【JB/T6580-93】
    Dimensions:【Body Size】mm3059x2000x1780
    Weight【Body Weight】Ton14.2

    The machine boy is welded of quality steel sheet and treated by tension elimination,improve stability and reliability of the machine.

    ◎ In order to guarantee the machine running in stable and smooth,adapts the design of symmetrical two balancer.

    ◎ The precision of mold adjusting up to 0.1mm,safety,reliable and convenient.

    ◎ Used high -grade alloy steel,double crank,wide work center with connection bar structure,the optimized design is suitable for large sizes and the mold bearing large compact loading as well as pressing of eccentric mold.

    ◎ Reasonable structural design,is convenient for automatic production and line production.

    ◎ Used reliable high intensity clutch/brake and twin electromagnetic valve,overloading protector can guarantee safe production all-around.

    ◎ Adopted closed electric loop circuit,have compatible with any automatic equipments.

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